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Product description

Lactose is a product manufactured from fresh sweet whey by crystallization, separation, washing, concentration, drying and milling to a crystalline free flowing powder.

Chemical Typical Value
Proteinaceous matter 0.2 %
Lactose (As monohydrate) 99.1 %
Ash 0.2 % max
Free Moisture 0.3 %
Total Moisture 5.2% max

Insolubility 0.05 ml
Scorched particles (ADPI) Disc A
pH Value 4.5 - 7.0
Mesh size 90% min pass thru 40 mesh screen

Standard Plate Count 2500/g max.
Yeast & Moulds 10/g max.
Enterobacteriaceae negative/g
Coag. Positive Staph negative /g
Salmonella negative /750g

Colour white-yellowish
Taste and Odour neutral, slightly sweet

Nutritional Information
Energy content 1,688 kJ/ 100g

Storage and Shelf life
Relative Humidity 65 % max. .
Temperature 25 °C max.
Shelf life 24 months

Bag: moreply with innerliner of 25 kg
Bulk: truck / silo load n.a.
Semi bulk: big bag 750 / 1,000 kg

Quality and Assurance:

The product is manufactured in accordance with International Standards and guidelines. Each package is marked to enable trace back.


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