An International Sales
& Marketing Enterprise

Global Dairy Network (GDN) is an international dairy sales and marketing enterprise owned and operated by experienced senior executives with a long history in global dairy markets.

With offices in New Zealand, North America, and China, we have strong links with dairy product manufacturers and users of processed milk products around the world. We aspire to create value for our business partners by realizing the synergies that exist through linking the right producer to the right customers.

Our mission is to supply competitively priced dairy products

to the international market based on developing mutually beneficial long-term relationships between manufacturers and customers.


Supplying Competitively Priced Dairy
Ingredients Across the Globe

Key Product Offering

Global Dairy Network

Milk Powders

We supply a range of milk powders from various origins including Whole Milk Powder, Skim Milk Powder as well as instantized powders.

Butter and AMF

We can offer various Milkfat products namely Butter and Anhydrous Milk Fat.

Whey Products

We supply various whey products and derivatives including Sweet Whey, Whey Concentrates, and Lactose.

Dairy Proteins

We can offer a range of dairy proteins including Milk Protein Concentrates and Caseinates.

We supply competitively priced dairy products to the international market based on developing mutually beneficial long term relationships between manufactures and customers.


Our Key Supply Partners
& Service Offerings

GDN has strong links with dairy product manufacturers around the world, particularly in New Zealand and North America working with its business partners to build the most cost-effective supply chain possible to the mutual benefit of both the producer and the customer.

GDN sees its value offering as being the development of mutually beneficial relationships between producers and end users of ingredient dairy products, using its market knowledge to customize the right supply partnership to fit the specific needs of the parties involved.

GDN provides a range of services to support its product offerings. These services range from logistics management for both manufacturers and customers, but also market commentary, analysis, and consulting services to new projects contemplating an investment in the dairy value chain.


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Our biggest strength is in our people, working to build and maintain strong relationships through years of experience in the dairy industry.


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